Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sell Your Home Without a REALTOR!

If you want to sell your home without a REALTOR, you will need a marketing plan that can help overcome the odds against you. If the following sounds like it was intended to discourage you, don't let it. They are just statistical facts, and the more you know, the more likely you will succeed.

The success rate for FSBOs is inversely proportionate to that of real estate agents. Overall, only 1:5 owners will succeed in selling their home, while real estate agents typically sell 4:5 of their listings during the first 6 months. The high end and luxury home market offers some disparaging statistics for owners, but should give most owners some hope. No data is available on the success rates for owners of homes in the $350,000 plus price range, but the success rate for agents falls to 2:3.

It seems reasonable that the low success rates are due to the same reason that any business fails. To some extent, this is also relevant to properties being sold through agents. Sellers do not seem to understand that they are in the real estate business when they sell their homes, and that their prospects are limited by the fact that they have only one product—competing against thousands of others like it for the buyer's dollar.

Worse yet, they go into business without a well thought out plan. That's where Selling Your Home By Owner comes in. It is a proven marketing plan that could well reverse the stats for owners who want to sell a home without a REALTOR.

How To Sell Your Home By Owner

Now available by download, Selling Your Home By Owner. This 42 page eBooklet provides everything you need to know about selling your home by owner in San Antonio, and the tools you need to do it! Get:

  • Marketing advice to help you maximize exposure of your home to the market.
  • A marketing plan that can help overcome the odds against success.
  • A marketing strategy to help you maximize your net proceeds.
  • In-depth tips for successful selling.
  • Industry insight to the FSBO dot com marketplace.
  • A title Insurance rate chart.
  • The required legal disclosure forms.
  • Spreadsheets for calculating seller net proceeds and buyer closing costs.

Go for it—and good luck!

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